Benefits of Membership

What’s in it for me?

Benefits of Membership

Northern Plains Manufacturing Association (NPMA) plays an important role in promoting trade laws and best practices. We encourage and aid companies in becoming more competitive within their sector, acting as the voice of a company when discussing government policies and informing members quickly of changes in trade and manufacturing legislation. There are excellent opportunities with regards to conferences, networking and training as well as advice and educational materials.

Membership in NPMA enhances a business’ reputation as Member’s Clients see it as a badge of quality. NPMA will immediately update members with any changes within the sector or in manufacturing law, meaning that a member will always be one step ahead of the competition in all areas.

Financial Benefits of Membership

NPMA will negotiate deals with suppliers of the products and services that their members will utilize or use on a regular basis. One important example is group health insurance. NPMA is creating an Association Group Health Insurance Plan that will be available to NPMA members on January 1, 2019.

Many North Dakota Trade Associations are offering Member Groups Health Insurance through an Association Health Plan, with participating members enjoying lower premiums, better benefits, a larger selection of plans, and relief from the burdensome regulatory headaches created by the Affordable Care Act.

By joining NPMA, you will have an attractive alternative to your current health plan. In addition, firms with Grandfathered Health Plans will be able to keep the plan design they have, but without the Grandfathering requirements.

A Voice of the Trade

NPMA is the voice for North Dakota’s manufacturers, giving you a direct link to get your point raised within regulatory hearings and in the creation of legislation. Representing you in these hearings and events armed with suggestions from members ensures that the actual voice of the manufacturing industry itself is heard. NPMA members will be represented by the Association at hearings regarding specific issues and the overall manufacturing industry both in North Dakota and nationally.

NPMA will work closely with government bodies, on both a state and federal level, suppliers and other trade associations to ensure that the best actions are taken to protect and advise members and their customers.

Membership to NPMA entitles your company to:

  • Group Health Insurance. The NPMA Benefit Trust will offer NPMA members group health insurance beginning January 1, 2019, providing better benefits at better rates.
  • Solid in-state relationships. NPMA will develop strong relationships with elected officials in North Dakota.
  • Effective industry advocacy. NPMA will keep abreast of critical industry issues, and elected officials will look to NPMA to describe potential impacts of policy proposals.
  • Broad industry representation. By representing both large and small members of manufacturing, we will speak about the impacts a policy could have on the entire industry rather than allowing policy makers to attack a particular company (yours?) that may not be popular in North Dakota.
  • Local connection. By representing both large national companies as well as smaller home grown companies, NPMA can put that local face on your industry to make it easier for elected officials to see your company as part of the community, rather than an out of state company.
  • Specific company assistance. With our relationships with tax or regulatory agencies and their intimate knowledge of the manufacturing industry, NPMA can help you clear up an issue or quickly get to the root of a disagreement between your company and an agency. If it is the latter, NPMA can help you get to those root issues, so we can, if necessary, step in to represent your company and build on what you have accomplished.

In addition to the financial benefits, being a member of NPMA helps promote your professionalism, signaling to trade partners not only your active participation in the development of the industry, but also your interest in industry best practices, and awareness of market conditions. You can think of membership in NPMA as your legislative peace of mind knowing that we are fighting for you and manufacturing, both today and for years to come!

For more information, please contact Tony or DeAnn at 701-354-0484, or by email at